okay! my cheat meal is going to be something rom chipotle

no shame :) 

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I need a new start.

deleting this blog soon. and creating a new one. 

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oh my lanta

first two finals are tomorrow.  I have math and spanish2 I’m not so worried about spanish becuase ya know I speak spanish. As for math, I’m trying to to get so nervous, but I’ve never been good at math, so I hope I do good! The bright side is we get out at 12:30!

Have a beautiful sleep everyone!

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oh yes I spent my day watching AHS and Full House :)

can I say day well spent? 

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I just can’t stop thinking about the Newtown shooting. It has really opened my eyes, be thankful for everything you have. Be happy you have another day. You never know what’s going to happen. I am beyond disgusted as well, what person would go shoot innocent kids? All the families will be in my prayers tonight. 

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unfollowed ALL the thinspo blogs I followed

feels good :) 

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looking at healthy foods/meals make me so happy :)
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Good Morning!

okay it’s sunday ( sad cuz tomorrow’s monday) and have things to do

  • do laundry 
  • clean dishes
  • workout

I thought I had more, guess not. anyway have a glorious day ladies and gents 

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accomplished to finished what I needed to do =)
  • take my pup to the vet to get her vaccine 
  • cleaned the room
  • had lunch
  • worked out
  • did ALL my homework+ finished an essay due Tuesday 
  • ate dinner
  • bought nail polish remover 
  • painted my nails 

now I’m drinking green tea and eating a banana =)

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